A Very Lazy Weekend With My Guitar

Hey everyone (I can say that now that I’m actually building a following…)

So this weekend I’ve not really done anything interesting. I’ve not been out drinking *shock horror* as I had a really busy couple of weeks, so I’m saving my money for next weekend.  I’m also horribly spotty and hormonal too. Ugh! 😦

I have 3 day weekend’s every weekend, so after chilling out with Paul most of Friday, I then got picked up by my Mum to go to my Gran’s. This was awesome because just after I went to Barcelona, my Mum went to Lanzarote with her partner and my little baby bro! My god, I missed the kid so much. He didn’t seem much different, but his teeth are really growing now. I don’t want him to grow much more haha, he is so cute as he is!

On Saturday, I had another lazy day. I didn’t leave the house much, apart from going to the shop. I spent the rest of the evening reading a book and playing my guitar. The guitar playing is going pretty well. I have learnt enough chords to play a wide range of songs if I  want to teach myself them, but they wouldn’t sound great, as I am struggling to place all my fingers down on the fretboard at once when I am doing D minor, and also the G chord. Instead of going ahead of myself like I did before (I was trying to play every riff under the sun) I’ve decided to take it easy and stick to mastering one song at a time. I am concentrating on building my muscle memory up on the chords that I am struggling with, I want to do as much of a clean transition between chords thatI can. I am currently learning Let It Be by The Beatles. I can play the song, remembering all chords correctly, but as I said I am not happy with D minor and the G chord, so I am going to stick with this song and carry on doing my muscle memory exercise until it sounds absolutely perfect. I have had one major improvement due to changing my pick from a Tortex to a Jazz III. Them things are small, but mighty! My tone sounds SO much better thanks to that. Now, to get a better guitar. I love rock music, so I want to get an electric one when I can afford it.

Today,  I had another lazy day. (I’m not usually this lazy I SWEAR!) Haha.. It was nice though, as got to spend time with my Paul. We have been talking about going on holiday again =/ I think Barcelona has teased us into having some more sun. We need to go on a budget, as we’re off to Bali in 4 months. Greece is very cheap at the moment, so we’re tempted with going there. It’s a toss between Greece, Cyprus and Tenerife at the moment. I just hope work let me have the time off!

So that’s pretty much my weekend. Paul has Monday’s off, so we usually go out on a Monday. There’s no gigs of interest this week, so we’ll probably go out for a meal. I need to go collect some make up I’ve ordered from Boots tomorrow, and I’m gonna start a beauty blog. I figured that I would keep this as my diary and start a whole other blog. I mean, who wants to hear me ramble on about my guitar and music, when they want beauty reviews? Plus I like this the way it is, unstructured and messy. Much rather like myself as person. Haha!

So, that’s it for this weekend… I will be having a more interesting weekend next weekend. More interesting = usual antics of a twenty-something year old 😉

For now I’m listening to Tame Impala, and thinking how the hell are they even this good? I love the way their music can make you feel completely lost in it. Crazy

Come join me…



Barcelona is amazing!

If you read my blog, then you would know that it was my Birthday last week, and my other half flew me out to Barcelona.

WE HAD THE BEST TIME EVER! We was there for a few days, but we did so much! It was genuinely one of the best times of my life 😀

It’s such a beautiful place, and the vibe is amazing.

We checked in at our hotel, The Hotel Praktik Vinoteca when we arrived. I would recommend the hotel to anyone as not only was it a good price, it was immaculate. It’s a wine themed hotel (as you can tell by the name) so you get a free glass of wine when you get there. Nice! We arrived in the afternoon, so we explored La Rambla and the Gothic Quarter, and took it easy. I went to La Rambla as a kid, so it was great to revisit it. I was very excited to see that they had an NBA Cafe down there. I loved Basketball when I was younger, especially the Houston Rockets. I really enjoyed my burger too, so even though it was a little expensive, it was great fun to eat there. Afterwards we went to Casa Batllo, a house designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí. I would highly reccomened this, as it is pretty surreal how much detail is in this house, but it is very expensive too, so if you’re on budget then the outside looks just as good as the inside!

On the second day we went to Park Güell, which was disappointing as we didn’t realise that you had to pay to get into the main bit, and there wasn’t a time slot for hours, so we went for a little walk before getting the bus and changing plan. We had a look on our trusty tourist map, and chose to go to Montjuic, and ride a cable car to Montjuic Castle, much to the horror of my fella, who doesn’t like heights 😛 When we got to the top we had a lovely view over Barcelona. We then went for a couple of pints down La Rambla, before going for some food.

On the third day we went to Camp Nou, which is FC Barcelona’s ground. I did this as a kid with my Mum and Dad, so I already had very fond memories of the place. I was so young when I went, under 10, so I didn’t remember most of it, and obviously it has been updated since then… I think going back as an adult has made me appreciate the sheer size of the place, it’s an absolute beast! Even if you don’t like football, I’d make sure you visit, because it really is a great place.

The forth and final day = the best day, and possibly even one of the best days of my life…We visited the Sagrada Família, a large Catholic church designed by the Catalan architect I previously mentioned, Antoni Gaudí. I didn’t know too much about Gaudí before I came, but after visiting a couple of his work whilst in Barcelona, I now consider him to be an absolute genius.  I have never seen a building like it,  and even after 135 years in the making, it’s still not complete! If you see the building you’d understand the immense level of detail that is in this building. When it finishes in around 10 years, I hope to visit again to see the finished project!

Afterwards, we went to Parc de la Ciutadella, which we wasn’t going to do, but we saw in our guidebook that it looked really pretty. Wow, this place is amazing I wish we had a place like this at home, I’d spend so much time there! I loved the fact that nobody really gave a fuck what people thought, people were tightroping between the trees, juggling, jamming out on their guitars with not a care in the world. The best part was the Cascada Monumental, a beautiful fountain.

After we explored some more bits of Barcelona we hadn’t seen, we headed the our hotel to relax after a lot of walking. About 8.30pm, we headed back to the Montjuic area to view the amazing Magic Fountain! I actually saw this as a kid and I was mesmerised, so I couldn’t wait to experience this with the man I love 🙂  They were just as spectacular as I remember, and played some awesome music in the background, for example Wonderwall by Oasis, which were one of my all time favourite bands, due to my Dad being a massive fan whilst I was growing up!

What a perfect ending to a perfect holiday 🙂

I would recommend Barcelona to anyone, I’d say it’s my favourite european city I’ve visited so far.

Birthday Blog

This day 24 years ago I was born! I can’t believe my Birthday is on a Saturday, and I’m blogging! Usually I’d be out, but as we’re going away I really didn’t want to be hungover whilst travelling. My hangovers are dreadful, and I’ve had one today. 😦

I didn’t really make plans to go out as I’ve gone off drinking, and it makes my anxiety worse! But as it was my birthday weekend, I went out with a few friends. I just went to a couple of pubs, as I didn’t really fancy going out for a full on night out.

I had a few Beers and Gin & Tonic’s, played some Arcade Fire on the jukebox, had a little boogie and went home. All was good, until I cut 2 of my fingers open on glass 😦 I shit you not, blood was everywhere! All over our cream carpet. Luckily I had some Vanish and got some of the blood out, but when that ran out I did the most stupid thing ever…

I was that drunk I cleaned up with bleach. Fucking bleach. Let’s just say I have royally fucked my carpet up now. What once was an immaculate  carpet was now blood stained and bleached 😦 And the smell… I can still smell it now .:(

It’s safe to say that my Boyfriend was not happy with me in the morning. Luckily it’s my Birthday, so he was easy on me… I do feel really bad though seeing how much effort he’s put into taking me to Barcelona, and he got me some beautiful flowers too. I will make it up to him by making sure we have the time of our lives when we go. 🙂

So present wise I did very well. Obviously going on holiday is an amazing present on its own! I got some money to take with me, and some really handy presents such as socks, pyjamas, etc. That stuff really excites me 😀  I’m getting old. Haha! Also got another bottle of my favourite foundation, Armani Luminous Silk.

Tonight I had a great night. I went to see my baby Brother, as I couldn’t not see him on my Birthday! He really is coming along so well, and he’s saying a few words now. I am so proud of him! My Mum also goes on holiday 2 days after me, so I’m not going to see him in nearly two weeks! I have seen him a couple of times a week since he was born, so it’ll be weird not seeing him to be honest.

Afterwards I had a girly night with my 3 favourite ladies; my Mum, my Gran and my Best friend! We went to one of my favourite restaurants, Maxi’s Chinese. Yummy! Cashew Nut FTW!

Well it’s officially not my birthday anymore! Pretty glad I can go to bed now and get an early night. Got a very action packed week next week. I will blog when I’m back from Barcelona

-Amy ❤


My Second Attempt At Blogging.

When I first started this blog I was so determined that I’d update it regularly. I actually have quite a few drafts that never saw the light of day; a result of poor motivation. I have a lot of spare time now due to my hours at work changing, so I am going to aim to update it every 2 or 3 weeks, or even more frequently if I feel inspired to do so.

I read that the last post I wrote was a little under a year ago, just after my 23rd Birthday.  As we all know, a lot can happen in a year. I don’t want to write in too much detail what I’ve been doing over the past year, as the sole purpose of this blog was to use it in the form of journal, a diary if you like, to reflect on my life and to look back on memories.

So life’s pretty good at the moment. I’m 24 on Saturday, which is crazy. I guess I’m a full on adult now. I think 24 is a good age, it’s where you are still young, but old enough to have gained some maturity and experience in life.

I have a very exciting Birthday weekend coming up. I’m going for a couple of drinks tomorrow night with friends, then I’m going for a meal with my family on my actual Birthday. Then my partner is taking me to a lovely spa hotel on Sunday, and then has booked 4 days in Barcelona after. I can’t believe someone would actually put that much effort into a birthday for me 🙂 I can’t wait to go to Barcelona. I went for a day with my parents when I was about 9 years old, we were staying in a town called Calella not too far away when we visited. I only remember visiting Camp Nou and watching the amazing fountains. They are the two memories that stick out to me from that holiday, so it will be interesting if any more pop to my head!

Since I last posted we went to the beautiful Malta, and a trip round California/Nevada which was just amazing. Las Vegas is officially the best place on earth! Honestly, travelling is the way to live your life. I’m so glad I have found a man who wants to see the world as much as I do.

In October my Mum gave birth to my little brother, the apple of my eye ❤ Alfie is such a cute little guy, and I can’t wait to watch him grow up! 23 and a half years between us though. How crazy is that? Kinda funny as my relationship has a rather large age gap as well. Lol!

Work-wise things are doing good. I finished my NVQ, finally! I am starting my level 3 soon, and then who knows? I am quite happy as I am at the moment though. My jobs quite straight forward most of the time, and it is great fun. I will probably carry on working with children as I do find it rewarding. I just need to get as much experience and qualifications I can so I can make something of myself in a few years. Right now I’m just focusing on finishing my level 3 before making any decisions.

Ummm, not much else to say really… I started playing guitar at Christmas and I’m progressing well. I can play a few songs here and there. The reason I wanted to play guitar is because I love Arcade Fire’s songs so much that I wanted to play them myself. I have just learnt ‘Windowsill’ by them, which is one of my all time favourite songs. I must admit, I am feeling rather chuffed with myself for learning it!

I’m going to leave it at that now anyway.  Until next time.. 😀


My Life At The Moment

Hey people!  I figured that I’d write updates from time to time on what I’ve been up to. I’ve mostly been chilling out at home, and last weekend was my birthday so I had an action packed weekend. It was the first birthday I spent in my new home and waking up to my partner, and that alone was pretty magical to be honest! When I went downstairs I had the most beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for me! Bless him ❤ I had an awesome day with him and my family, then onto the town with my friends. I’m temporarily tee total for a while now though, I get far too drunk and always do/say things I regret :’) Plus the weathers getting nice now, so I think many trips to the coast are in order! This week I’ve been mostly preparing for our holiday by getting some new clothes and shoes etc, also I’ve been dieting frantically and I’ve stopped eating bread because it bloats me. I want to look my best  for my holiday snaps. We’re going to Malta, and it looks so pretty and picturesque! I’ve always wanted to go, and I didn’t realise that there would be so much to do on a tiny island. I’m really looking forward to going to the Blue Lagoon on surrounding Island Comino and relaxing. The water looks incredibly blue! I’ll be posting a blog about my time away, so watch this space. I haven’t done that much more if I’m honest, I’ve been doing some of my NVQ work. I just want to finish it now so I’ve got some clarity on what I want to do with my life. I work with children at the moment from ages 4-11, but I think my goal is to be a youth support worker and help teenagers. I guess I’ll keep plodding along until then. I’m really digging a bit of Blink 182 at the moment, their new song “Bored To Death” is constantly on repeat at the moment and it’s really rekindled my love for them. I went and bought the Greatest Hits album, and so I’m playing the old classics in the car on the way to work! I’ve just turned 23, so ‘What’s My Age Again?’ was my birthday jam sit includes lyrics “Nobody Likes You When You’re 23” I could’ve chose Jimmy Eat Worlds song ’23’, but I used to get really sad to the lyrics when I was going through a bad spell. Anyway, last year was ’22’ by Taylor Swift, so there’s a significant improvement there. Next up is 24, I don’t even want to think about it.. I feel life is passing me by, and I know I’m still young, but I really miss being a child, where everything simple and there’s no pressure, but that feels like a distant memory now. I guess this is growing up? 😉  Life is better than ever though, a few years ago I was at rock bottom and out of control, but I feel like I’m the old Amy now and that’s the main thing. I think that the key in life is having passion for things, I love my music and I go to a lot of concerts, if I’m feeling down I can just think of an upcoming concert or a CD that’s coming out.I love buying cd’s and reading the lyrics from the booklet whilst the song plays, and that’s why I’ll always buy physical copies, no download will top that feeling! I I’m really enjoying watching telly at the moment to be honest. I’m currently watching Game Of Thrones, 11.22.63, and The Jail: 60 Days In. All 3 are awesome in the own way and definitely deserve a watch, if you haven’t yet already! I’m also binging on Geordie Shore, I’ve been watching it for ages, but I’m watching them all from the beginning now. I am absolute trash sometimes when it comes to TV, and my Boyfriend willingly puts KUWTK on all by himself now, I swear it’s like a really bad habit that you can’t shake :’) I’m not doing much else really, the last few months have been pretty expensive due to moving house and booking the holiday! Until next time 😀 x

Milk & Honey Book Review

So I’ve heard a few people raving about a book called ‘milk and honey’, so I thought that I’d check it out. Admittedly, I’ve not read in a very long time, so when I read a few snippets of the book I was extremely keen to read it as it was a collection of short poems to ween myself back into the book game. 😛

The book was written by Rupi Kaur, and published on November 4, 2014.

Milk and Honey is divided into four chapters.

The hurting:

This book dives straight into some pretty hard subjects, I didn’t realise that it had references to sexual abuse, so that was a shock to the system. I cannot relate to this theme, but reading this is quite hard, and so I would like to say that if you’ve experienced anything like that, then be careful as I reckon it could trigger some very disturbing images for you. I think this was my least favourite part of the book, as I do like to be able relate to what I’m reading or listening to. For instance, if I’m listening to an album then the songs will instantly stand out to me if I can relate to the lyrics. I do admire the authors ability to speak out using so much emotion on such a difficult subject though.

The loving:

So this was my favourite chapter as I’m a bit of a soppy bugger. To be honest, it’s a breath of fresh air from the last chapter, as it’s placed just after the saddest chapter so it was a pleasant welcoming. I consider myself to be a romantic person, and I’m also in a happy relationship as we’ve just moved in with each other, so this made me smile countless times. “I am learning how to love him by loving myself” really stood out for me as I’ve had a long struggle with anxiety, and that’s been one thing that’s affected my relationship at times. I have got a lot better, and that’s because my partner has helped me be a stronger person, and I do believe that you need to love yourself before you can love others, so the fact that this was included is nice to me. For all you romantics out there, this is the chapter for you! ❤


The breaking: 

Right, back onto the sad stuff… Well this is a sad chapter, but also a positive one. It’s about heartbreak, but it’s got some poems that help you heal your wounds. I, like many have been though heartbreak. IT SUCKS! But time really is a healer, and this book does show that. It randomly includes a little ‘to do list’ for anyone going through a breakup. If only I followed  advice in this 16 step list such as ‘start a new project’, or simply ‘breathe’ instead of  my “PASS ME THE FUCKING VODKA” ethos, I probably would’ve spent less time feeling ill and saved a few quid.


The healing:

Following the trend of sad and then happy chapters, the forth is all about positive vibes that rounds up everything nicely, and proves that no matter what you’ve gone through you will be ok.  These collection of poems are obviously intended to uplift your mood, and it does a very good job. “You must want to spend the rest of your life with yourself first.” is a simple, yet affective piece of advice and it highlights the importance of self-acceptance.


Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. It didn’t take me a long time to read, as the poems were very short, albeit effective. I liked the simplicity of the illustrations, and they went extremely well with the poems. I thought that it was clever how it had two depressing chapters and two happy ones, I don’t think I’d of enjoyed it if it was all about difficult subjects. The only downside to me was that it was wasn’t always relatable to me, and as I said above, that’s an important thing to me. I haven’t been through a lot of things mention, and also I don’t share a lot of the views she has and I kinda get annoyed with  modern feminism, and how it’s less about the politics more about issues such as  body hair nowadays. Sorry if that offends you, but I just don’t find it interesting, and I would rather have smooth and hairless skin. I appreciate that the author fights for her views though, and good for her!

The positive chapters uplifted me so much that I looked up self-help books to read. I’m currently reading The Gifts of Imperfection by Dr Brene Brown, so I’ll have another book review up soon. I would just like to say that this was my first review of anything EVER, so it probably sucked, but I would be grateful of any feedback.

Thank you.

Amy xx



LA Travel Blog


Ever since I remember, I’ve always wanted to visit the United States. Every time my parents spoke of going on holiday, I always cheekily hinted at America. My Mum never fancied it, and I doubt they’d be able to afford it anyway. The good thing about growing up is that you get a job and you earn money, and then you can go follow your dreams. I saved for about a year, at the time I was working at ASDA and so money was really tight and my social life declined, but it was worth it in the end. I went with my cousin who earned quite a bit more than me, so in hindsight I would’ve picked a cheaper hotel, but as it was my first time I was desperate to go. I bit the bullet and saved saved saved! So here is my action packed week in Los Angeles..
DAY ONE: I arrived about midday and checked into my hotel nice and quickly, I stayed in the iconic Roosevelt hotel on Hollywood Boulevard, I couldn’t wait to see it as I’ve always been interested in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and the 60’s, and the hotel was actually where the first Academy Awards was held, so this was very exciting for me. I wasn’t disappointed, it looked amazing and the path outside the entrance was the hall of fame, it felt a million miles away from the cold and rainy Yorkshire that I am used too. I was equally impressed with how beautiful the interior is, it felt so glamorous and classy. I’m far from a classy girl, and it was a world away from my local pub.

Outside Hotel Roosevelt

When we arrived  in our rooms we was extremely tired, so we opted for an early night after we’d eaten. We was across the road from the Hard Rock Cafe, so we got some food from there. I got a beer and some nachos, which are the two things that I love to consume the most. The nachos were so nice, but I prefer lager back at home. We then checked out the Chinese theatre, as it was just across the road. We went back to the hotel and relaxed by the pool, the pool is absolutely amazing! It had fairy lights on the tree as you go in, palm trees and a real exclusive feel to it! I never ate from the pool bar as I found it overpriced, but I did enjoy some cocktails when the weekend came along. I slept like a log that night, the room was very spacious and had a lovely bathroom. The room was overlooking the Chinese theatre which was pretty cool, and I woke up to the most gorgeous sunset.

Our hotel pool
Our hotel lobby

DAY 2: As I said above, I woke up to the most gorgeous sunset. I didn’t even feel jet lagged or tired. I was buzzing! We looked at a few stars down the Walk Of Fame, I screamed every time I saw an actor that  I loved :’) I was probably the most annoying tourist in a long time, but this was so surreal to me. I am a massive Tom Hanks fan, he’s my childhood hero and I’ve always wanted to see his star, I couldn’t see it but I knew I’d find it at some point but there was more stars than I could ever imagine! Firstly, we went into a cool little souvenir shop called Lalaland, there was so much to choose from and I bought some novelty Oscar statues for my Mum, Brother, Grandma and Boyfriend, so I didn’t have to worry about what to get them. It’s safe to say that the presents went down a treat, and made them all laugh when I got back. We headed to the Chinese theatre again, and in my opinion this is so much better than the stars down the Walk Of Fame, it has their hands and feet printed onto cement and their signatures, and had old legends from Marilyn Monroe,to modern legends like Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint from the Harry Potter films. I’m just going to point out that the second time I came to the theatre was so much better, the first time I got there it was absolutely packed, but on the second day I came very early and avoided the large crowds and was a much calmer experience and there was a very polite worker showing us around so I managed to find who I was looking for with ease.


We went for a walk around the shopping mall, and to my delight I found a Hot Topic store. We need this store in the UK, it’s full of band merch and nerdy things. I am a massive fan of twentyonepilots, and so of course my first purchases in the USA looked a lot like this…

Can you save my heavydirtysoul?

Fast forward a few hours of exploring Hollywood Blvd, I now proceed with my plans for the evening, which are pretty awesome to say the least. My cousin managed to get us some tickets to see The Hollywood Vampires at the Roxy theatre, and for anyone who isn’t sure who The Hollywood Vampires are then it’s basically a supergroup that consists of Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, and Matt and Duff from Guns N Roses. Pretty awesome, right? There was also surprise guest appearances from Ke$ha and Marilyn Manson, the latter being pretty hilarious, as it was the end of the gig and an American couple who loved my Yorkshire accent had bought me sooooo many free drinks and I felt absolutely wrecked,  I had so many beers and jagerbombs, and by the time Manson came on drunk me just couldn’t handle the fact I was in the same room of him! What I really liked about the Roxy was that it was so small, it’s something like a 500 people capacity venue, and I was right at the front, but I must say that it was full with absolute CRAZYS! I’ve been to so many gigs in my lifetime, but this was the rowdiest. I witnessed drinks being poured on people, pulling of hair, people throwing punches and all sorts. I have never seen this in the UK, but to be honest I don’t even think it was anything to do with the fact it was in the US, I think it was the Johnny Depp fans, they were acting like they were thirsty for his blood, man they were the true vampires of the night. I mean he’s a great actor and attractive and all that jazz, but Alice was the star of the show for me, he’s 68 now, and still as rock and roll as ever. I feel genuinely blessed to have seen him live.


After the gig my cousin wanted to meet Johnny, but I was too drunk to care and wanted to party, so I went next door into a bar called Rainbow. I’m not going to talk too much about it because I am so naive going into a bar in an unfamiliar place thousands of miles away, but I got freaked out because it’s such a different lifestyle to mine, and I felt so out of place and didn’t really feel safe. I couldn’t find my cousin after and panicked, and so when I did I called an Uber and went to bed.

DAY 3: I’m pretty certain day 3 was my favourite day, I felt soooo hungover and so a big breakfast and a lazy day by the pool was definitely on the cards, as I wanted to feel fresh for our night time plans  which was something I’ve been looking forward to for ages. I’ve been a big fan of American sport for years now, especially NFL. I got into it by playing a Madden game on my Playstation religiously, I learnt the rules and I’ve always enjoyed watching  the Super Bowl, but unfortunately LA doesn’t have a team, which I thought was crazy, and the whole franchise thing is so weird to me.I had a look at the other sports and there wasn’t a Basketball game on either, so I chose Baseball. I didn’t know anything about baseball, so wasn’t as excited as I would have been for another sport, but I fell in love. I was confused as hell at first, but I figured out the rules and had a great time! What I loved was the kiss cam and the mini games they had with the crowd, it’s just so different to the way the knobheads in England behave at sport events. If you go, then I highly recommend trying out a Dodger dog, it was the best hotdog I’ve ever tasted. I wouldn’t recommend drinking alcohol though, it was so expensive so I didn’t bother. The Dodgers won, and we went on the pitch at the end to watch Friday night fireworks. I follow the Dodgers on Twitter now, I consider myself a fan 😀 I even bought myself a jersey, I got talked out of buying a foam hand though, I think that’d be getting too into it 😉

Dodger Stadium

DAY 4: On the forth day we went to Universal studios with some American friends we’ve met over there, we had such good fun with these guys! I had a great day with everyone, but all in all I am not theme park fan, nor do I like to spend long queuing, so it was my least favourite day.  I wouldn’t of gone if my cousin didn’t want to go. The highlight of the day was the fire show, although we got soaked! And the studio tour was good, we saw sets and props from the likes of War Of The Worlds, JAWS, Fast & Furious and many more, so that was interesting. I ate in Krusty Burger (Simpson’s) and that was good fun, purely for novelty reasons and not really the quality of the burger.


After Universal, we still had plenty of the day left and so I suggested that we went for food. I’ve always wanted to try Taco bell, and my American friends found that hilarious so we went. In England, we’ve literally got about 2 in the whole country and they’re far away, so this was exciting for me. I had a hard shell Doritos taco with a cool ranch sauce, put it this way, I had 3 in a row for the next 2 days. It was beautiful, and so worth the $1, and even the soda was amazing! I never knew you could get Strawberry and Blueberry sprite, why don’t we have all these cool flavours in the UK? I envy you so much, the citizens of America!  =/   That night we had drinks by the hotel pool and it was absolutely amazing, it was packed and the DJ had all the tunes going out, it felt surreal because everyone was so posh! The only downside was that the drinks were a little on the expensive side at $14 a cocktail, but that’s expected at somewhere like the Roosevelt. I can’t say I remember much of this night. I certainly made the most of my Saturday night in Hollywood, that’s for  sure.

DAY 5: On day five  went to Griffith Observatory and on a hike to the Hollywood sign (Which we didn’t make!) I must admit, I was very reluctant to do this as  I felt like horrible from  from all of the shots I did the night before, but it was the one thing the lass I went with wanted to do. We got an Uber  up to the observatory, it was really high up and the view was breathtaking, easily the best view I’ve ever seen. I thought the inside was lovely, I love space so it was right up my street. After spending sometime exploring inside and around the grounds, we set off on our walk to the Hollywood sign. Admittedly, I moaned about this a lot, but I am so glad that I did it, as it was the most beautiful walk. I recommend that you go so you can see the sunset, it was so relaxing and I took some awesome photos on my DLSR. It was getting too dark too carry on, and after a few hours we was exhausted, so we made our way back down and phoned an Uber. I am just going to write a little bit on my experience of Uber, and in a nutshell it was diabolical! At least 6 cabs cancelled on us during the course of the week, and we even got in one and they got us lost! On this particular day we really didn’t need this trouble, we’ve been walking hours in the California heat and just wanted to rest, but our phones were on the last leg of battery. Uber cancelled on us, and we couldn’t ring them and had to walk ANOTHER hour to get home. What a bad ending to a great day. 😦

Here a few photos I took on my DSLR from the hike


DAY 6: This was one of my favourite days, we went to Santa Monica pier and Venice Beach and had a nice, chilled day. We met up with our new American friends, and went swimming and attempted to build some sandcastles 😛 I was slightly disappointed with the sea, it wasn’t as blue as I thought.  I think this is partly because I am from England, so countries like Greece and Cyprus are only a mere few hours away, and these countries have the most incredible beaches with the bluest Mediterranean sea, but I didn’t come to the US for the beaches, I came for everything else, so I wasn’t too bothered.

To my delight I found a taco bell on the pier, so I had my favourite  taco (or 3..) After eating we went on the rollercoaster, and as a gamer and a fan of GTA, this was cool as that’s an iconic spot in San Andreas 😀 It was a fun ride too, and we also went  carousel which had starred in a bunch of films so that was really cool to experience.




So since I came to America, I really wanted to get some cornrows after I saw a girl with 3 and it looked really nice, yet simple. I couldn’t see anywhere around Santa Monica, so we went to Venice Beach and I found a little shop that did it for $20  and it looked great! I wanted it to stay in forever, but my hairs really thin and it only lasted a week. Venice beach was an eyeopener, there was people doing all kinds of crazy shit to make a living, there was artists, a crazy man on rollerblades with a double electric guitar, even a man stood in a trolley (shopping cart) using a big stick to pull him selves along, asking if people want a go, and whilst this was hilarious, I felt bad for these people because it must be hard to get a job if they’re having to do that, but fair play to them. We went back to the hotels to have a drink or two, and to my shock my American friend brought in something that looked like a regular energy drink, but to my horror (ok wrong word, excitement;D) it was 12%! That’s insane! Surprisingly  it tasted really good! I had a couple and that was enough for me, didn’t want to spoil the last day with a raging hangover.

My hair, taken the next day.



So day 7 was the last day, it had been such an action packed week I was knackered by this point, and I missed my boyfriend tremendously so I was glad in a way that I was coming home. We was flying overnight, so we had time to do do something, and our plans were to go watch the Late Late Show with James Cordon live in the audience, this was a pretty awesome experience, especially since James is such a national treasure in England, it’s great to see him doing so well! I can’t actually remember the guests names, one was a comedian and one was an actress from American Horror Story, I have never seen that but my cousin was quite excited to see her, but it was the music guests that were the stars of the show for me, and to my delight I got asked to be on the backdrop whilst they’re singing my favourite song of theirs (Figure It Out) What an end to my Hollywood trip, being on TV! My Grandma also saw it from England a couple of hours later, how cool is that? Anyway, the show was very short and we headed back to the hotel to check out, and to make our way to the airport to go back to rainy England.


Me on telly, perfect way to end a trip to LA!

Thanks for reading! It was my first travel blog, so apologies if it wasn’t as informative as others, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.  Next up, Malta! And then I’ll be back to LA in September as a part of my California trip.

Much love. Amy xx


An Introduction To My Blog.



I don’t know if anyone’s ever going to read this, and I’m probably going to be rambling on to myself for hours on end, but I’m kinda hoping that some people give a shit about the things that I give a shit about, and find it helpful. I’ve never been a person to write loads, I actually get terribly frustrated writing, but I’ve discovered that when I actually enjoy what I’m writing about, I find it incredibly therapeutic, so here’s my first blog!

If you’re a grammar nazi, I suggest you leave right now 😉 I wasn’t a grade A student, and I don’t have an inner shakespeare, but nor do I write ‘lyk dis’ so hopefully people will be nice and see past the fact that I am a bit of a noob when it comes to this kinda thing. I know you can still read it though, and that’s what matters, right?

This blog is probably going to be random as hell, because I have so many interests, so expect ramblings on travel, beauty music, gaming and so on…

Still here…? :O

Since I haven’t bored you too much, here’s a little bit about me incase you were wondering (Highly unlikely) but here goes!

My name is Amy, and I’m 22 years old. I am currently working as a Playworker at an after school club whilst doing an NVQ. I’m not sure what I want to do career wise, but for now I’m pretty happy. I live with my partner in York. He’s awesome. My main passion in life is music. Music is literally EVERYTHING to me. A life without music is not a life worth living in my eyes!

Thank you for reading my introduction.

Amy x x