We’re Sister Cities!

If I’m completely honest, I’ve kinda lost my excitement when it comes to new music releases; I just don’t get my hopes up anymore. There is some exceptions though, and this time it’s The Wonder Years that are restoring my faith in music. I am so confident in this band, as I pretty much like everything they’ve ever done. I love their transition from Pop Punk to a more mature alt-rock sound so much, I just think it’s been a natural progression. I know sometimes a drastic change of sound works, and I get that; but this just feels right, and I just can’t imagine them ‘selling out’. I love that they’re just 6 average dudes who love making music, and I think that’s what is so appealing to them as each of their albums can reflect on a current time in your life. Although I love it and listen to it frequently, I can’t so much relate to the the lyrics on The Upsides, but musically that album is Pop Punk heaven *insert heart-eyes emoji*

Their material after The Upsides, especially The Greatest Generation really are some of my favourite Pop Punk records.  I found that No Closer to Heaven had some absolute bangers on (Stained Glass Ceiling, I’m looking at you!) But there was some weaker tracks on there… I feel like their new song Sister Cities is a nice blend of TGG and NCTH. I think there will be better tracks on the album, as the lyrics aren’t quite as emotional as TWY usually are, but it’s upbeat and catchy, like any lead single for a rock album should be. The music video is also super cool, and I’m not usually a music video fan. I also heard a really bad audio-rip of another song from the album, and it’s just so beautiful. I kinda wish they’d of released that as well, but I’m sure they will next.

I’m going to see them at Leeds Stylus, which I cannot wait for as I went to see them there last year and they were AWESOME!  But what I actually can’t comprehend is that they’re still playing like 1000 cap venues in the UK? I mean, come on! They’ve had 4 consistently great albums in a row, they’ve literally got the whole package: great musicians, powerful vocals, beautiful and emotive lyrics. Why the fuck are they so underrated? I could think of so many bands who are more popular and aren’t half as good…

I hope Sister Cities finally gives them the recognition that they deserve. Cannot wait to hear this album on April 6!!



QOTSA in Manchester!

On Sunday, Paul and I went to Manchester to see Queen’s of the Stone Age. I’ve liked their music for a while now, but I’d say that I’m listening to them more than any other band at the moment. I’m loving their new album Villains; and I’m also playing their previous album …Like Clockwork pretty much everyday. Masterpiece.

Because I only found out a few weeks ago that they were playing Manchester, I didn’t think I’d be able to find tickets; but I managed to bag 2 seating tickets — which I was a little apprehensive about if I’m honest, as I love getting myself involved in the crowd.

Paul usually drives when we go to gigs, but this time we decided that it would be nice to stay over and make a bit of a weekend (well Sunday/Monday) of it.  : )

Paul found a nice little hotel close to the arena, so we didn’t set off until late, and me being me took absolutely forever to get ready, so we only arrived at Manchester Arena about an hour before QOTSA came on!

I would’ve made more of an effort to get ready faster if the support band were decent, but a couple of minutes on YouTube made me realise that they just weren’t my cup of tea. We checked them out when we got there anyway, and one song was enough! The lead singer could not sing to save his life! I genuinley think that I could get the crowd going more than him. Haha.

Anyway, because we were late, and wanted a few drinks we drunk like 3 pints in an hour  and a gin & tonic/vodka coke. By the time Queen’s of the Stone Age were on, we were pretty pissed, or at least I was. As per usual….

The band came on to our favourite Queen’s song, If I Had a Tail; which is an absolute tune. As soon as the song started, the crowd were loving it!

The setlist mostly consisted of material from their newer albums, and some old classics thrown in there from their older stuff – as it should be! Stand out moments for me were: Sat by the Ocean, Feet Don’t Fail Me, I Appear Missing, Go With The Flow; and obviously the legendary No One Knows, which included a very long and impressive drum solo from Jon Theodore. He is seriously a beast on drums! Absolutely loved it when Make it Wit Chu came on, and just about every couple had their arms around each other! Even my Paul and I had a dance, and he rarely dances!

The rest of the gig is kinda fuzzy to me, as I drunk a few more pints. I had a rather hilarious moment, when I thought my pint glass was stuck to the floor; but to my horror, I was trying to pull the guy who was sat next to me shoe. So funny…He must of thought that I was a right weirdo, or that I  had a foot fetish or something!!! Cringe.

After the gig, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe around the corner. I went there with my best friend a few years ago, when we went to go see You Me At Six; and had some amazing cocktails! I ordered the same one..or two..or three for good measure called Electric Blue, which just about finished me off. I can’t actually remember anything else of the night, but what a good night we had!

I hope we get to see them live again next year, as they are seriously awesome!

Best rock band in the world *insert devil horn emoji* 😛












I’m writing this on my phone, thousands of feet in the air,  travelling to America, so apologies if this isn’t perfect. 4 hours left… 

I was meaning to write this blog sooner, but I have been so fucking tired and busy. So… I FINALLY SAW ARCADE FIRE FIRE xD I am just going to put this out there right now, that this band are the best band on the planet right now, and are one of the best of all time in my opinion.

I’ve watched countless live performances by them on YouTube, which my boyfriend and I agreed that this could possibly leave us disappointed, as we really had high expectations due to the quality of the videos we had watched. If anyone has read my previous blog then basically I got tickets to go see them at Isle of Wight festival originally, as we thought it would be the only time we would get to see them this year. Oh how naive we was! They ended up announcing a show in Manchester in July, and then a warm-up show to last weeks IOW festival. The warm-up show was at Scunthorpe, which is absolutely crazy. They played at Scunthorpe Baths, which is only a 1400 venue capacity. Arcade Fire can fill arenas, and have pretty much headlined every major festival I can think of, so obviously as massive fans, my other half and I was ecstatic to of been one of the few who actually got tickets.

Fast forward a few weeks from when we booked tickets, we arrived at Scunthorpe at around 6.00PM on Wednesday the 7th of June. We had a pint of beer in a lovely little pub across the road called The Royal. I would’ve gone back there after the gig for a drink if I wasn’t travelling to the Isle of Wight the next morning, so if the unlikely event of them returning, I’d definitely give that a go.

So we went a little after doors open, but I think the band were still soundchecking as they were 30 mins late letting us into the main room. Whilst we waited I went to the merch stand, and bought a really cool t-shirt that has the new Arcade Fire logo on. There wasn’t much to choose from, but once the album is released then I’m sure that they will have some more designs. I really want them to make them Everything Now jackets they’ve been wearing available to the fans.

For the smaller shows, the band have adapted to a 360° stage setup. I personally really liked this concept, but I had a lot of anxiety prior to the gig due to the fear of having Win and Regine facing with their backs to us. I made a plan, and that was to head towards Win Butler’s microphone (pretty obvious which one was his with him being 6’5). The security were ushering everyone towards the left, but I scoped out Win’s mic and went opposite to the crowd which meant I was at barrier, right infront of Win. Now, if anyone knows me, then you’ll know that I absolutely adore Win Butler. I love the rest of the band obviously, but for me Win is one of my idols, and I was starstruck when he was literally infront of my face.

I can’t remember every single song off the top of my head that was on the setlist, but it was sure as hell full of bangers. I recall Everything Now being the opening song, which was awesome as since it came out not so long ago, I’ve been playing it non-stop. I was very happy to see Tunnels returning, as I noticed that it had disappeared from their setlist for a few shows. I thought that Rebellion was just as awesome as I expected, and the crowd kept singing the “ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh” part for like a solid 5 minutes afterwards. They also did an unplugged version of Wake Up, which was stunning.

I would say that the highlight of my night was definitely Reflektor. Obviously due to my blog name, you’d expect it to be a highlight, but the real reason is so much more cooler….


Yes, that is yours truly with Win! As you can imagine, I was pretty fucking happy after this. Basically, Win was recording the song on an old school camcorder, and whilst he walked past I shouted for him to have a selfie with me. He let me get 3 or 4 photos, which I thought was really nice. Anyway, overall it was the best live performance that I have ever seen. I never in a million years thought that I would get to the front, never mind getting a selfie with Win Butler.

The next morning was difficult, we was so tired from the previous nights antics. Luckily we only had a couple of pints, so felt good in that sense, but I literally danced my ass off all night, so we just felt like we needed a days recovery to be honest.  We set off for the Isle of Wight festival early Thursday morning, a long five hour drive, and an hour’s ride on the ferry. We stayed in a lovely little hotel called The Wight, and Friday we had a brilliant day checking the island out. We visited the Needles and an Amazon rainforest themed zoo. They had Sloths! Who doesn’t love Sloths. Definitely my spirit animal. 😉     

On Saturday we went on a wild goosechase for some Wellington boots, as we didn’t plan very well and me and the boyfriend are complete festival n00bs. We didn’t even need them in the end which was kinda bittersweet due to the fact that they’re highly unfashionable, but at least we didn’t have any rain… 

So we only got a 1 day ticket as the rest of the line up didn’t appeal to us and was very poor if I’m honest. We stumbled upon  an excellent act that consisted of 2 lads and their acoustic guitars. They don’t sing or use any more instruments. They slap their guitars inbetween strumming them for the beat. They played loads of old skool dance floorfillers, and finished on a really epic cover of Bohemian Rapsody. They had the crowd going crazy, and we saw the tent literally go from empty to full within a few songs. They’re insanely talented people, if you want to check them out then their name is The Showhawk Duo. 

Catfish and The Bottlemen put in an amazing set too. I’ve liked them since they released their debut, and their last album ‘7’ is so good! I’d definitely go watch then headline their own show. 

Aaaand next up were Arcade Fire. I must say that I was just as excited as I was at Scunthorpe. I also had around 8 pints at the moment, so that elevated my giddiness a lot, lol. Anyway, somehow managed to get right near the front again, not quite barrier but to say that we wasn’t even trying to get close this time it was certainly a massive achievement. 😛

It was awesome to see them in a completely different setting. I’d say I prefer intimate venues, but the stage set up and lighting were amazing and on a much larger scale. I think Creature Comfort sounded so epic live, and I can tell it’s going to be a fan favourite for many years to come. I also heard some songs I hadn’t heard the last time, such as The Suburbs, which is one of my favourites. I’d say my favourite song of the night was Sprawl II. I just think Regine absolutely smashed it, she’s so cute!

I actually cannot wait to see them in Manchester in a couple of weeks. I know it sounds excessive, but their music means so much to me for various reasons. BEST. BAND. EVER! 

* I am now sat around the pool in Las Vegas. Life is gooooood.