Well I can’t believe it’s April already!

I don’t feel that enthused about writing about March, because nothing’s really happened that exciting..

The weather has been pretty shitty, in fact it’s getting absolutely draining now… I know England isn’t the most sunny country, but god damn; we’re due some sun now, surely?

To be honest, the beginning of the month was kinda cool with the snow. Paul and I went to a place called Terrington Bank, and did some sledging. We took our dog along with us, which was sooooo fun!

Gig-wise, nothing too exciting has happened. I saw Tonight Alive at Stylus, which was ok…Musically, they were good, but the hippy shit in between did my head in. I also don’t know many songs apart from their popular material, so I missed going absolutely batshit craaaaaaaay like I usually do.

April is far more promising though, as I’m seeing my all time favourite band. Yes, Arcade Fire!! :D. And the week after I’m seeing my other favourite band, The Wonder Years.

I’m back into work now, which has taken a weird turn… I’m currently working at the cinema whist I wait to hear about my childcare job. I actually enjoy it, and the people are proper cool tbh. Can’t wait to get back to doing the career I love though!!

Not the most interesting blog post, but I’m determined to keep doing this!!






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