I cannot believe that we’re into the 3rd month of the year already! Craaaaazy.

Seeing that I promised myself that I’d write a blog every month, I thought I’d write a quick update; although nothing at all interesting has happened to be honest. I’ve been staying in a lot due to the dog being so young, but FINALLY he is at an age where he can be left a little now, so I’ve got my life back at last! He is worth it though, he makes me so happy. He’s getting so big now it’s ridiculous, but he’s still my little baba ❤

Feb has been pretty shit really…. Lack of money and been stuck in = unhappy Amy.

The best memory of this month is probably going to see JD McPherson and his band at The Brudenell. I’ve mentioned The Brudenell before in my blog – it’s just one of my favorite venues. I just love the intimacy and the laid back vibe about it. Paul and I usually go on a Monday night in the car, have a beer, or two max, listen to a decent live act,  then go home – it’s pretty chill. It’s kinda a good mix of a gig and a social club, plus they get some banging bands on at times! Father John Misty played there 3 years ago, now look at where he is now…. Wish I were there! Love that man.

Anyway, even if you don’t know JD McPherson, please check him out live. He and his band put on an amazing show! Seriously, I had more fun watching them then I do a lot of gigs on a much bigger scale. JD McPherson and his band play an awesome mixture of old school Rock and Roll, Rockabilly and Rhythm and Blues. I loved seeing an Upright Bass for the first time, they’re so cool to watch. I hope they tour again soon, I’ll be the first in line for a ticket!

I’m so glad that there’s actually starting to be decent gigs on again. Gigs are where I feel the most alive. Corny, but true.  I have made a goal to see at least one band a month! I’m doing well do far, and have tickets to go see different bands, right up until May. I’m mostly looking forward to Arcade Fire (obviously) and The Wonder Years.

Anyway, enough about music… I do get carried away 😛

So, the trip that I said we’re doing in May has a slight change of itinerary…

Basically the holiday looked really awesome, until we noticed that every city we were visiting kinda looked like a copy and paste version of the last, so Paul (bless his soul, he knew it is one of my dream destinations)  looked at flights to New Orleans from Toronto, and so we’re doing the second week in NOLA instead. I am so fucking excited, as I just think New Orleans looks so fun and unique. And obviously the music side of things appeals MASSIVELY to me…. Damn, I’m talking about music again *rolls eyes*

Anyway, it’s March now, and it’s snowing like fuck! I love it, it’s awesome. But this is a February blog, so you’ll have to wait to hear about the snow shenanigans 😉

But as always, I’ll probably post in between now and then. Oh, and my Bali blog? I’m not going to bother as it’s proving stressful to remember everything. I’ve got a memory like a sieve! Bu  I’m gonna make sure that I blog whist I am on holiday next time. I will get better at this blogging lark one day. One day 😉

Thanks for reading







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