We’re Sister Cities!

If I’m completely honest, I’ve kinda lost my excitement when it comes to new music releases; I just don’t get my hopes up anymore. There is some exceptions though, and this time it’s The Wonder Years that are restoring my faith in music. I am so confident in this band, as I pretty much like everything they’ve ever done. I love their transition from Pop Punk to a more mature alt-rock sound so much, I just think it’s been a natural progression. I know sometimes a drastic change of sound works, and I get that; but this just feels right, and I just can’t imagine them ‘selling out’. I love that they’re just 6 average dudes who love making music, and I think that’s what is so appealing to them as each of their albums can reflect on a current time in your life. Although I love it and listen to it frequently, I can’t so much relate to the the lyrics on The Upsides, but musically that album is Pop Punk heaven *insert heart-eyes emoji*

Their material after The Upsides, especially The Greatest Generation really are some of my favourite Pop Punk records.  I found that No Closer to Heaven had some absolute bangers on (Stained Glass Ceiling, I’m looking at you!) But there was some weaker tracks on there… I feel like their new song Sister Cities is a nice blend of TGG and NCTH. I think there will be better tracks on the album, as the lyrics aren’t quite as emotional as TWY usually are, but it’s upbeat and catchy, like any lead single for a rock album should be. The music video is also super cool, and I’m not usually a music video fan. I also heard a really bad audio-rip of another song from the album, and it’s just so beautiful. I kinda wish they’d of released that as well, but I’m sure they will next.

I’m going to see them at Leeds Stylus, which I cannot wait for as I went to see them there last year and they were AWESOME!  But what I actually can’t comprehend is that they’re still playing like 1000 cap venues in the UK? I mean, come on! They’ve had 4 consistently great albums in a row, they’ve literally got the whole package: great musicians, powerful vocals, beautiful and emotive lyrics. Why the fuck are they so underrated? I could think of so many bands who are more popular and aren’t half as good…

I hope Sister Cities finally gives them the recognition that they deserve. Cannot wait to hear this album on April 6!!



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