Well I officially suck at blogging! I really have not committed to this blog as much as I would like, but I’m going to try more I promise! I’ve actually got part 1 of my Bali trip written out as a draft, finally! I’ve only been back 4 months like…

Life’s been a mixed bag of emotions really. I’ve had pretty bad anxiety and stuff recently, so life’s been quite tough for me at times. I’m really trying to overcome this though, but it’s a struggle. I don’t want to depress anyone with my problems, or even depress myself writing this, so I’m going to focus on the positives in life ❤ (I forgot how therapeutic this shit is.)

I would say that the best thing to happen to me recently is getting my puppy. I’ve always been a dog lover, and had two gorgeous golden retrievers growing up; but I haven’t been able to have my own, due to living arrangements. As a dog lover, I’ve always changed my mind when it came to which breed to have. I originally wanted a Basset Hound, as I find them sooo adorable. Anyway, whilst in Barcalona I saw a Chow Chow for the very first time. I would say it was love at first sight, and that was my heart set on a Chow. They’re amazing!

My puppy is called Yoshi, and he is just an absolute lil cutey! He looks like a bear cub, and is soooo fluffy. He is bloody mahoosive though, even the vets were shocked at how big he is! We had to drive all the way to Bristol to get him, so we were driving for nearly 10 hours. As soon as we saw him, we knew that he was worth it. I really enjoy his company, although he is quite bad with his teething at the moment, but apart from that he’s generally good behaved. I am so glad we decided to get him, as he makes Paul and I so happy.  I’m just proper excited to be able to take him out for a walk after his final vaccination.

I hadn’t been to any other concerts since QOTSA, but the other day I went to see Lady Gaga. I’m more of a rock fan, but my best friend’s brother couldn’t go and so I thought I’d tag along. Plus, who doesn’t love absolute pop classics such as Poker Face? I knew quite a few songs on the setlist actually, and she sounded amazing live. I didn’t appreciate how talented she actually is, and I’m really glad I went. I am now rather obsessed with Gaga, and I love her new sound. I hope she gets better and tours again soon! Bless her 😦

After the gig we went to a couple of bars in Birmingham, and it is incredibly cheap there! £9 for a round of drinks…. You just can’t get that where I’m from!! I drunk a little bit too much though, and I’m currently nursing a 2 day hangover. I just can’t handle it anymore, plus alcohol makes me super anxious for a couple of days. I’m hoping I’m back to 100% tomorrow and can get back to my healthy living. I lost 9lbs, and I’m kinda dreading going on the scales, as I consumed a fair bit of beer and ate a lot of pizza Does anyone else love it when you wake up to a box of cold pizza when you’re hungover to fuck? Incredible feeling, that.

In other news, Paul and I have booked an awesome road trip to the States and Canada! In the States, we start in New York, and then visit Cities such as Washington DC and  Philadelphia.  In Canada, we start in Toronto and visit the Niagara Falls (I am so excited to the falls in person, omg) and then visit visit Cities such as Ottawa and Montreal. I would say that I am more excited to visit Canada, as it’s a new country on my bucket list, and Montreal looks really interesting with the french culture. But of course New York City is a dream come true, and I am so lucky that I can visit these countries.

I miss being on holiday so much. Bali was literally a dream come true, and so next year I’m hoping we go somewhere tropical again. I’m in favour of Phuket or Sri Lanka at the moment, but I always change my mind. I love travelling, there’s no better feeling than indulging in completely different cultures for a couple of weeks.

Work-wise, life’s not so good. I left my job that I had working with children, which is a shame, as I’m really good with kids and found it really rewarding. I just didn’t like the split shifts, and the hours were really getting to me. I asked my manager if I could just do afternoons, and he wouldn’t have any of it so I left. I gained a qualification from it, and I have a job lined up after the Easter Holiday’s at a school, which I am really looking forward to.

That’s all really. I’ve decided that I’m going to do a life update every month to make sure that I carry on blogging, and some in between hopefully!

Thanks for reading,

Amy xx








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