QOTSA in Manchester!

On Sunday, Paul and I went to Manchester to see Queen’s of the Stone Age. I’ve liked their music for a while now, but I’d say that I’m listening to them more than any other band at the moment. I’m loving their new album Villains; and I’m also playing their previous album …Like Clockwork pretty much everyday. Masterpiece.

Because I only found out a few weeks ago that they were playing Manchester, I didn’t think I’d be able to find tickets; but I managed to bag 2 seating tickets — which I was a little apprehensive about if I’m honest, as I love getting myself involved in the crowd.

Paul usually drives when we go to gigs, but this time we decided that it would be nice to stay over and make a bit of a weekend (well Sunday/Monday) of it.  : )

Paul found a nice little hotel close to the arena, so we didn’t set off until late, and me being me took absolutely forever to get ready, so we only arrived at Manchester Arena about an hour before QOTSA came on!

I would’ve made more of an effort to get ready faster if the support band were decent, but a couple of minutes on YouTube made me realise that they just weren’t my cup of tea. We checked them out when we got there anyway, and one song was enough! The lead singer could not sing to save his life! I genuinley think that I could get the crowd going more than him. Haha.

Anyway, because we were late, and wanted a few drinks we drunk like 3 pints in an hour  and a gin & tonic/vodka coke. By the time Queen’s of the Stone Age were on, we were pretty pissed, or at least I was. As per usual….

The band came on to our favourite Queen’s song, If I Had a Tail; which is an absolute tune. As soon as the song started, the crowd were loving it!

The setlist mostly consisted of material from their newer albums, and some old classics thrown in there from their older stuff – as it should be! Stand out moments for me were: Sat by the Ocean, Feet Don’t Fail Me, I Appear Missing, Go With The Flow; and obviously the legendary No One Knows, which included a very long and impressive drum solo from Jon Theodore. He is seriously a beast on drums! Absolutely loved it when Make it Wit Chu came on, and just about every couple had their arms around each other! Even my Paul and I had a dance, and he rarely dances!

The rest of the gig is kinda fuzzy to me, as I drunk a few more pints. I had a rather hilarious moment, when I thought my pint glass was stuck to the floor; but to my horror, I was trying to pull the guy who was sat next to me shoe. So funny…He must of thought that I was a right weirdo, or that I  had a foot fetish or something!!! Cringe.

After the gig, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe around the corner. I went there with my best friend a few years ago, when we went to go see You Me At Six; and had some amazing cocktails! I ordered the same one..or two..or three for good measure called Electric Blue, which just about finished me off. I can’t actually remember anything else of the night, but what a good night we had!

I hope we get to see them live again next year, as they are seriously awesome!

Best rock band in the world *insert devil horn emoji* 😛












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