Life Blog: Bali Planning, Bingo Playing and a Whole Lot of Chilling.

I have stayed in all day today due to having a bad stomach, so I’ve tried to be as productive as I possibly can from the comfort of my own sofa. =]

Paul and I are currently trying to work out our itinerary for our Bali trip, as it is fast approaching! We fly 3 weeks on Sunday, which is scary as we are so unorganised. I served a rather charming old lady when I worked in a supermarket, who had literally travelled to every country you could think of, and said Bali was her favourite place in the world to visit. I then got home and looked it up and instantly fell in love and wanted to go. Paul wasn’t too keen on going at first, but now he is showing as much excitement as I am now.

I am a little nervous to go, as neither of us have experienced a culture other than a westernised one before, so it’s going to be a first for us both. For such a small island there’s a lot to do, which is a good job as we’re not the sunbathing type. I am particularly looking forward to going to Ubud, which is basically being slap bang in the middle of a jungle, and looks so rich with culture. Plenty of temples and rice  paddies and things like that. We have some fun activities planned in Ubud, such as white water rafting. Cannot wait! We’re staying in Seminyak, which is the classy and upmarket side of the island, and then we’ve got to decide where to head after that. We are travelling to the Gilli Islands too, which look absolutely stunning.  I’m really sea sick, so hope the sea isn’t too rough as it’s a 4 hour trip. I’m really excited though as Gilli T doesn’t have any cars, so that’s really going to be a new experience! I’m just dreading the flight as it’s 18 hours. I have loads of books and my Nintendo Switch to keep me occupied, luckily.  I’m sure we’ll be fine…

Apart from my bad stomach, life’s pretty good. I hope I start feeling better soon as I don’t like being stuck in. I just keep getting a really sharp pain near my belly button and I’m not sure what it could be. I have an obsession for tobasco sauce at the moment, like I’m putting it on everything. Chicken, fish, and even crisp sandwiches. I know that last one sounds weird, but it tastes soooo good! Trust me. Anyway, Paul told me that I put like half a bottle on my crisp sandwich whilst drunk, and I haven’t been the same since. I am going to lay off it for a while anyway and see if that helps. Why am I telling you this? Hahahaha….

I had a really cool weekend last weekend. I went out to the pub Wednesday night instead last week – the infamous tobasco sauce night – and so I just went to a friend’s house on Friday. I actually love doing that at the moment. I think you can have a way better night chilling out, playing drinking games and just having a laugh. Yes, I know, I’m getting old. 

My Grandad has been very unwell in hospital for 5 weeks now, and so my Mum asked me if I’d join her in keeping his partner company on Saturday night at Bingo. Told you I’m getting old!

I never played Bingo before, and I actually found it really intimidating at first, if I’m being completely honest. I am such a wuss. I made the most of the cheap beer and food before the main game. I actually really enjoyed myself, haha! Unfortunately I didn’t win, but I’m definitely going to go again sometime soon. I couldn’t believe how many people I recognised; there was quite a few people I knew about my age. I’m not as uncool as I previously thought ;D

I’ve been replaying Kingdom Hearts on the PS4 ,which is a wonderful trip down memory lane. They just don’t make games like this anymore! I’m proper excited for KH3 as well. The footage I’ve seen where it’s set in the world of Toy Story – SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

I really think that they need to remake the original Spyro trilogy. I loved them games, and I think they’re way more remake worthy than Crash Bandicoot. Game devs, if you’re reading this then Y U MAKE SPYRO SO UGLY NOW? Seriously man, the Spyro that I know and love was such a little cutie ❤ but this imposter that we’ve got in Skylanders is a fucking ugly, gargoyle looking C **T #makespyrocuteagain #stillloveyathoughspy

I’m proper into Father John Misty at the moment. I just think he’s one of the best singer songwriters around, and I don’t get why he’s not more popular than Ed Yawnfest Sheeran. There is no comparison in my eyes,  I just think FJM’S lyrics are amazing, and ‘I Love You, Honeybear’ has became a really special song to me. I both laughed AND cried when I first heard it. It’s a love song, but not in the typical sense. I think that’s why I like it, as most love songs portray love to be perfect, which it is far from sometimes. Imagine your Grandma’s face if you had this as your wedding song though. Hilarious!

I’d say the best way to describe Father John Misty is a much more talented, sarcastic version of Michael Buble. Not entirely sure if that’s accurate, but I read someone comment that on YouTube and it made me laugh. He’s also got the whole badass-no-fucks-given attitude and I love that. There’s not many characters like that in the public eye anymore. Everyone’s so worried about offending someone these days!  Anyway, the whole album of the same name is just a beautiful work of art, and one of my favourites I’ve heard in a while. I also enjoyed his latest album ‘Pure Comedy’, but not as much as ILYHB. I’m just gonna leave this here. Take care, honeybear.







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