Creature Comfort, Make It Painless!

I’m absolutely loving the newest Arcade Fire single, ‘Creature Comfort’. Admittedly, when I first heard a clip of it from their set at Primavera Sound via Youtube, I wasn’t too keen on it. I then listened to it a few times; before hearing it live myself at Scunthorpe and The Isle of Wight festival, which was then when I really started to like it.

When they released the song along with the video, I instantly fell in love. I’m very much into great lyrics when I listen to music. I cannot enjoy a song if the lyrics are poor and clichéd, or if I can’t relate to them (although I do enjoy concept albums). I think one of the reasons why I love Arcade Fire is that their lyrics are absolutely incredible. I reckon that Win Butler is one of the best songwriters of our generation, especially when paired with his wife Régine Chassagne. Their albums have covered a wide array of subjects; from Funeral’s sombre tone, to the politically charged Neon Bible, which was followed by a take on suburban life on The Suburbs, and then lastly Reflektor which focused on the negative repercussions of technology.

Creature Comfort has some very dark lyrics, probably the darkest Arcade Fire have ever done. It sounds a very cheerful song initially; especially if you’ve heard the more louder, grittier live version, thus making it hard to hear the lyrics. It’s weird because whilst it contains some very depressing themes, it’s hard not to dance too. I’ve seen a few people say that they prefer the live vocals better, but I can’t say that I agree with this. I love Win’s voice here, it is almost spoken word in some sense, which gets the point across very effectively. The words focus on subjects such as suicide, eating disorders, and self harm, which is new territory for Arcade Fire. I love the fact that the synth heavy song sounds cheerful, but it is actually the opposite. I think that’s why I didn’t enjoy it at first, as I didn’t realise how good the lyrics were live as I do tend to enjoy deep and meaningful  songs.

My favourite part of the song is the second verse, when Win beautifully sings “Assisted suicide, she dreams about dying all the time. She told me she came so close, filled up the bathtub and put on our first record.” Funeral reference there. MY HEART ❤

I reckon next time I see them Creature Comfort will already be a fan favourite. I reckon it’ll be a staple is the bands set for years to come, especially with that thumping bass, along with the likes of Power Out. I can just picture the crowd singing the chorus back to Win and Reginé. The “Creature Comfort, make it painless” part is going to be epic, too.

I previously said this on my review of Everything Now, but their new material really does sound like what Reflektor should’ve been. I really wanted them to return to their old sound;  but I don’t think that Arcade Fire are a band that would ever go backwards, only forwards, and watching them evolve over time truly is fascinating. I do miss their music from their first 3 albums, but I can always revisit them anytime. Plus I love this direction that the band are heading in, it’s definitely a new and fresh sound.

Now, let’s talk about the video; I have watched it numerous times, and I always find something that I hadn’t noticed previously as there’s so much going on. I think that Richard Reed Parry is the star of the show here, I was cracking up at his dancing. I love that the lyrics are scrolling across the top of the screen, so you can really understand what the song is about; plus I think that this really shows that the band are really wanting to hear the words, perhaps it is a personal song for them? I think that this is one of the best songs Arcade Fire has done in years, and I cannot wait to hear the rest of Everything Now.


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