Arcade Fire – Everything Now Review

Anyone who reads my blog will know that I am a mahooooosive Arcade Fire fan, so when their new song ‘Everything Now’ got released yesterday on June the 1st, I was absolutely thrilled to say that I think it’s amazing.

Admittedly I was extremely anxious about this single, as I didn’t like the direction that the band were heading towards. I hated their last release (I Give You Power), and whilst I do understand that it was a protest song released on the eve of Trump’s inauguration, I just wasn’t feeling it…

I liked Reflektor too, hence the blog name. The title track is amazing, and whilst there is some absolute tunes on there, I found some of it really hard to get into. I just think it missed some of that Arcade Fire magic that the first 3 albums entailed.

So fast forward over 4 months, the long wait is finally over! The way that they teased the upcoming release was rather genius, yet a little weird (that sums up AF though). Basically a clip of the new song surfaced online via a failing Russian social network; then said clip were tweeted to many big names through a Twitter account. They basically pretended to be a Russian spam bot. Amazing!

Because the song title is ‘Everything Now,’ they very cleverly previewed the track on Radio One, whilst simultaneously revealing the album name, release date and cover art online! They also announced North American tour dates, just before playing a surprise warm-up show at the Spanish festival Primavera Sound. Phew! Busy day. I guess everything really is now!

So the song begins with an opener that almost sounds RNB. I’m a bit confused to why this isn’t included on the iTunes/Spotify version, whilst it was on the radio and the music video. I really like it, and I wish that I could have the full version on my phone. My guess that this is the album opener, as Everything Now is number 2 on the album trackless.

From the off the song is just one euphoric rush for me; I absolutely love the piano melody as the song starts, it’s just so damn catchy! Win’s voice sounds on top of its game as well. This song is written with the sole purpose to be a hit, and I reckon that even people that aren’t fans of Arcade Fire will find it hard to resist tapping their feet to this. To me this is everything that Reflektor could’ve been, but wasn’t.  Whilst it’s a completely different sound to the likes of Funeral, Neon Bible and The Suburbs, it still feels like Arcade fire. Reflektor was too much of a departure from the gorgeous music from The Suburbs, but this just feels like a very natural progression to me. I think the fact that they have included instruments such as the piano and the pan flute has given it that Arcade Fire magic that I missed during the Reflektor days.  I could honestly imagine this being on The Suburbs to be honest, maybe a bit more of a stripped down version, but the lyrics are definitely something that you’d expect to hear from that album.

The lyrics are basically reminding us that we live in an age where everything literally is now. We can listen to music at anytime, anywhere. We can watch tv shows that took 10 years to make in 2 days due to services such as Netflix. It’s kinda crazy when you look at it in that perspective, and I’m very excited to hear the rest of the song lyrics from the album because Arcade Fire are the best at portraying the reality of the present.

The chorus is just as catchy as the rest of the song, and this is when things start getting random. Just when Win Butler begins to sing the chorus the pan flute kicks in! I love this, I have never heard anything like this in music in all my 24 years on earth. I have read that this was played by a man called Patrick Babey, who is a son of a famous Cameroonian artist named Francis Bebey. The pan flute is a part of a song called The ‘Coffee Cola Song. I checked it out and it was just as catchy as Everything Now. Love it!

After the pan flute, then prepare yourself for a bit of cheesy disco that every ABBA fan would love. If you knew Arcade Fire back in the day then you’d of laughed if I told you they were turning disco. Luckily they pull it off very well in this song, which is probably helped by the fact that they’ve got Thomas Bangalter from Daft Punk on board to produce the album.

At about 4 minutes and 21 seconds in, you’ll hear a crowd chanting Na Na Na Na Na Na’s from the top of their lungs, which is proof that this songs is destined to be amazing live. The crowd chanting was recorded at the Voodoo festival in New Orleans last Halloween, which is a very nice touch.

The song doesn’t lose any momentum until the end, and I can honestly say that I could not ask for them to bring out a better song. The video is also crazily good as well! I particularly love it as I was in Death Valley a few months ago and have some great memories of driving through the place, so to see them film it there is so awesome. I’m loving the jumpsuits they’re wearing, and the whole aesthetics of everything so far to be honest. I love the EN logo, and the album art is gorgeous. Kinda reminded me of The 1975’s latest album art with the neon lights.

I cannot wait to dance my ass off on Wednesday when I see them for the first time, and I’m sure by then I’ll of learned the lyrics down to a T, considering that I can’t stop playing it! It’s a 10/10 from me. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. Arcade Fire, I love you!




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