Sad Times, Good Times, And Soon To Be Las Vegas Times!

Good evening!

Whilst I’m supping on my green tea, I figured that I’d write a blog on my week.

So Monday wasn’t a great day; as I’m sure everybody knows, was the day of the Manchester terror attack. I have never been so profoundly shocked in my life by a news story. As an avid concert goer, this really hit home. Going to see your favourite artist is one of the most happiest and euphoric moments in your lifetime. This was a cowardly act aimed to kill children. These people are barbaric!

RIP to all 22 angels who lost their life ❤

The rest of the week has been fairly chilled. It’s been absolutely boiling here in England, with the weather hitting almost 30 degrees! I do like the weather like this at times, I’ve spent a lot of time chilling out with mates in the beer garden, catching some rays, and making memories.

The only downfall to this beautiful weather is the humidity that goes with it. When I was in California last year it was much hotter, but it was a dry heat. I’ve been literally sweating my imaginary nads off, looking a hot sweaty mess all week 😦

I work with children at an after-school club, and they’ve been acting really naughty in the heat. Lol! I think it’s just too much for them, and they’ve been stuck at school all day. Trying to look after 40+ kids in humid weather = hard work. Also my Boyfriend cannot stand the heat. He is the loveliest guy ever; and he pretty much is always in a good mood, but my god, when its hot he turns into a right miserable sod. It doesn’t help that our flat is absolutely roasting. This just adds to the list of why we want to move… Only 6 months to go until our contract ends. Wahoo!

Anyway, we finally booked a holiday. It’s a far cry from the places that we were thinking of going (a cheap holiday in Europe)… We’re going to LAS VEGAS! We figured that if  I sacrificed my wage and Paul worked loads, we may as well put a few more hundred into a place where we actually want to go.

So we went to Vegas last year on our California trip, and we absolutely fell in love. We both agree that this were our favourite place we’ve ever visited, which is surprising as we really weren’t looking forward to it at all, but we just wanted to say we’ve done it kinda thing. We were surprised at how chilled it was, and the lights on the strip never ceased to wow us every time we stepped foot out of our hotel!

Because we weren’t looking forward too much, we didn’t do our researching on what there was to do. So we kinda walked around aimlessly, just taking it in. We have missed so much stuff out, so this time we’re going to explore the other hotels that we didn’t visit, and also go off the beaten track and head to nearby city – Henderson. I read that there’s a lion sanctuary there, which is awesome (I mean who doesn’t love lions) Roarrr! Also there’s a cactus museum, which is right up our street! Paul and I have a bit of a running joke about cactuses, as we were really disappointed that we didn’t see any traditional ones in the Nevada desert like you see in the old wild west movies (kinda like they have two arms sprouting out; I’m also sure there is some out there). Anyway, the search for a cactus was never to be, so we bought one of our own from the garden centre back home. It now stands proudly in our front room, aptly named ‘the prick’. See what we did there?

We also never did The Grand Canyon as we did too much driving already, and agreed that we’d do this next time we visited.  We’re very excited to see this. 5 hour drive? No problem! We fly in 3 weeks which is fucking mental. I need to order some new clothes and bikini etc, some books for the flight and maybe a Nintendo Switch game if I’ve got any spare cash.

Speaking of Nintendo Switch, I finally finished The Legend Of Zelda: BOTW. By finished I mean the main story, and plenty of side quests and all memories. There’s no way in hell that I’d have the patience to complete all shrines. Overall, it was a brilliant game, yet flawed. I thought the gameplay was fantastic, but the story was weak. Also the stamina meter was annoying as fuck. I managed to get the Master Sword though. Fuck yeah!

I have fallen out of love with gaming recently to be honest I’m more into reading recently. I find it helps me forget about my anxiety. Plus I have this burning desire to learn. I just want to fill my mind with information and visit museums. I want to know how the world works, and work a few questions out that keep going around in my head. I won’t go into this today, but I will definitely elaborate someday. I wish I felt this hunger to understand things when I was still in education!

So that’s all for this week :), it’s currently bank holiday and I’m going to spend my time relaxing. I was very drunk last night and spent my last bit of money, so I’m going to use my spare time wisely and sort the flat out. I’m also going to try and learn a new song on guitar. I’ve not played much at all this week. I think I picked it up for about 10 minutes all week… I’m never going to be the female Slash at this rate! 😥

Amy xx


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