A Very Lazy Weekend With My Guitar

Hey everyone (I can say that now that I’m actually building a following…)

So this weekend I’ve not really done anything interesting. I’ve not been out drinking *shock horror* as I had a really busy couple of weeks, so I’m saving my money for next weekend.  I’m also horribly spotty and hormonal too. Ugh! 😦

I have 3 day weekend’s every weekend, so after chilling out with Paul most of Friday, I then got picked up by my Mum to go to my Gran’s. This was awesome because just after I went to Barcelona, my Mum went to Lanzarote with her partner and my little baby bro! My god, I missed the kid so much. He didn’t seem much different, but his teeth are really growing now. I don’t want him to grow much more haha, he is so cute as he is!

On Saturday, I had another lazy day. I didn’t leave the house much, apart from going to the shop. I spent the rest of the evening reading a book and playing my guitar. The guitar playing is going pretty well. I have learnt enough chords to play a wide range of songs if I  want to teach myself them, but they wouldn’t sound great, as I am struggling to place all my fingers down on the fretboard at once when I am doing D minor, and also the G chord. Instead of going ahead of myself like I did before (I was trying to play every riff under the sun) I’ve decided to take it easy and stick to mastering one song at a time. I am concentrating on building my muscle memory up on the chords that I am struggling with, I want to do as much of a clean transition between chords thatI can. I am currently learning Let It Be by The Beatles. I can play the song, remembering all chords correctly, but as I said I am not happy with D minor and the G chord, so I am going to stick with this song and carry on doing my muscle memory exercise until it sounds absolutely perfect. I have had one major improvement due to changing my pick from a Tortex to a Jazz III. Them things are small, but mighty! My tone sounds SO much better thanks to that. Now, to get a better guitar. I love rock music, so I want to get an electric one when I can afford it.

Today,  I had another lazy day. (I’m not usually this lazy I SWEAR!) Haha.. It was nice though, as got to spend time with my Paul. We have been talking about going on holiday again =/ I think Barcelona has teased us into having some more sun. We need to go on a budget, as we’re off to Bali in 4 months. Greece is very cheap at the moment, so we’re tempted with going there. It’s a toss between Greece, Cyprus and Tenerife at the moment. I just hope work let me have the time off!

So that’s pretty much my weekend. Paul has Monday’s off, so we usually go out on a Monday. There’s no gigs of interest this week, so we’ll probably go out for a meal. I need to go collect some make up I’ve ordered from Boots tomorrow, and I’m gonna start a beauty blog. I figured that I would keep this as my diary and start a whole other blog. I mean, who wants to hear me ramble on about my guitar and music, when they want beauty reviews? Plus I like this the way it is, unstructured and messy. Much rather like myself as person. Haha!

So, that’s it for this weekend… I will be having a more interesting weekend next weekend. More interesting = usual antics of a twenty-something year old 😉

For now I’m listening to Tame Impala, and thinking how the hell are they even this good? I love the way their music can make you feel completely lost in it. Crazy

Come join me…




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