Sad Times, Good Times, And Soon To Be Las Vegas Times!

Good evening!

Whilst I’m supping on my green tea, I figured that I’d write a blog on my week.

So Monday wasn’t a great day; as I’m sure everybody knows, was the day of the Manchester terror attack. I have never been so profoundly shocked in my life by a news story. As an avid concert goer, this really hit home. Going to see your favourite artist is one of the most happiest and euphoric moments in your lifetime. This was a cowardly act aimed to kill children. These people are barbaric!

RIP to all 22 angels who lost their life ❤

The rest of the week has been fairly chilled. It’s been absolutely boiling here in England, with the weather hitting almost 30 degrees! I do like the weather like this at times, I’ve spent a lot of time chilling out with mates in the beer garden, catching some rays, and making memories.

The only downfall to this beautiful weather is the humidity that goes with it. When I was in California last year it was much hotter, but it was a dry heat. I’ve been literally sweating my imaginary nads off, looking a hot sweaty mess all week 😦

I work with children at an after-school club, and they’ve been acting really naughty in the heat. Lol! I think it’s just too much for them, and they’ve been stuck at school all day. Trying to look after 40+ kids in humid weather = hard work. Also my Boyfriend cannot stand the heat. He is the loveliest guy ever; and he pretty much is always in a good mood, but my god, when its hot he turns into a right miserable sod. It doesn’t help that our flat is absolutely roasting. This just adds to the list of why we want to move… Only 6 months to go until our contract ends. Wahoo!

Anyway, we finally booked a holiday. It’s a far cry from the places that we were thinking of going (a cheap holiday in Europe)… We’re going to LAS VEGAS! We figured that if  I sacrificed my wage and Paul worked loads, we may as well put a few more hundred into a place where we actually want to go.

So we went to Vegas last year on our California trip, and we absolutely fell in love. We both agree that this were our favourite place we’ve ever visited, which is surprising as we really weren’t looking forward to it at all, but we just wanted to say we’ve done it kinda thing. We were surprised at how chilled it was, and the lights on the strip never ceased to wow us every time we stepped foot out of our hotel!

Because we weren’t looking forward too much, we didn’t do our researching on what there was to do. So we kinda walked around aimlessly, just taking it in. We have missed so much stuff out, so this time we’re going to explore the other hotels that we didn’t visit, and also go off the beaten track and head to nearby city – Henderson. I read that there’s a lion sanctuary there, which is awesome (I mean who doesn’t love lions) Roarrr! Also there’s a cactus museum, which is right up our street! Paul and I have a bit of a running joke about cactuses, as we were really disappointed that we didn’t see any traditional ones in the Nevada desert like you see in the old wild west movies (kinda like they have two arms sprouting out; I’m also sure there is some out there). Anyway, the search for a cactus was never to be, so we bought one of our own from the garden centre back home. It now stands proudly in our front room, aptly named ‘the prick’. See what we did there?

We also never did The Grand Canyon as we did too much driving already, and agreed that we’d do this next time we visited.  We’re very excited to see this. 5 hour drive? No problem! We fly in 3 weeks which is fucking mental. I need to order some new clothes and bikini etc, some books for the flight and maybe a Nintendo Switch game if I’ve got any spare cash.

Speaking of Nintendo Switch, I finally finished The Legend Of Zelda: BOTW. By finished I mean the main story, and plenty of side quests and all memories. There’s no way in hell that I’d have the patience to complete all shrines. Overall, it was a brilliant game, yet flawed. I thought the gameplay was fantastic, but the story was weak. Also the stamina meter was annoying as fuck. I managed to get the Master Sword though. Fuck yeah!

I have fallen out of love with gaming recently to be honest I’m more into reading recently. I find it helps me forget about my anxiety. Plus I have this burning desire to learn. I just want to fill my mind with information and visit museums. I want to know how the world works, and work a few questions out that keep going around in my head. I won’t go into this today, but I will definitely elaborate someday. I wish I felt this hunger to understand things when I was still in education!

So that’s all for this week :), it’s currently bank holiday and I’m going to spend my time relaxing. I was very drunk last night and spent my last bit of money, so I’m going to use my spare time wisely and sort the flat out. I’m also going to try and learn a new song on guitar. I’ve not played much at all this week. I think I picked it up for about 10 minutes all week… I’m never going to be the female Slash at this rate! 😥

Amy xx

It’s Nearly Arcade Fire Time!

So this week has been fucking AMAZING. On Monday, my lovely other half and I went for a meal. We decided to check out the new ‘place to be’ in town, which is called Cosy Club. Cosy Club is a restaurant chain in the UK that sells burgers, chicken, and that kind of thing. I really liked the look of the place as it’s in a huge, beautiful building in the centre of York. The decor is gorgeous, but unfortunately the food was very mediocre. My phone pinged, and it was a notification from the Bands in Town app, informing that my all time favourite band Arcade Fire are playing a gig at the Baths Hall.

I didn’t even know where Baths Hall is, but I read that it was in Scunthorpe. I also read that it is 1400 capacity venue, which baring in mind, Arcade Fire are one of the world’s biggest and best bands, who usually play to 10.000 to 20.000 people. I asked my taxi driver bf (so handy at times) how far it is, to which he replied just over an hour away…

This of course gave me heart palpitations. An hour and a half away?! 1400 capacity.  I WILL BE THE CLOSEST I’LL EVER BE TO THEM. And I don’t think I’ll ever get the opportunity to see them in a small venue like this, as this is just a warm up show for their european festival tour.

Paul tried calm me down, reminding me that we’re seeing them 2 days after at the Isle of Wight festival, and then 3 weeks after that in Manchester. Luckily for me, Paul didn’t need much persuading as he is a massive fan too, so we agreed that we can go see them, as long as we both agree that’s it for gigs until after the Manchester date in July.

The next step was actually getting the tickets, which went on sale on Wednesday. They were obviously going to sell out in a couple of seconds, and media outlets all over the world were genuinely posting articles about it all the time, as Scunthorpe isn’t *ahem* a place you’d usually get to see indie royalty like AF!

I had a couple of pints to relax myself, not even caring that the food was shit, because I could be seeing Arcade Fire  in a stupidly small venue. I get kinda obsessive with things, where if I’m worried then I can’t get it off my mind. I had such bad anxiety about getting these tickets on Wednesday, that I couldn’t relax at all. The worst thing was; I was at work. Luckily I have an awesome boss, who must of heard the desperation in my voice when I asked if I could go on the computer at 8.45am…

I got Paul to go on the computer at home, and I got the computer sorted out and tried to get on the venue website at about 10 to 9, as I read that they’re the place that most tickets are going to be, therefore I assumed I would be best off going on there. I could not get on, neither could Paul. Time was running out. I had an idea, and that idea was to check other sites. That site worked. Phew! I sat on the computer waiting for the tickets to go on sale at 9, with my heart literally thumping out of my chest! I’m not even lying here, but I really thought that I was going to have a panic attack 😦 As soon as the clock struck 9, I HIT THAT ENTER BUTTON AS FAST AS LIGHTNING! Fucking got them didn’t I. So after a little victory dance, I rung my other half telling him I got them, much to his delight 😀

Turns out, literally ten’s of thousands of people tried to get these tickets, and they sold out in a second. I am so lucky, and I know it’s going to be the best night of my life. Even better, the morning after we drive to the festival to see them again, but in a completely different environment. Call us crazy, but if you’re a big fan of Arcade Fire, then you would understand that this band are worth it. Easily the best band in modern time.

My friend Harriet and I went for breakfast to celebrate the fact I got tickets, and she got into University. After breakfast, we went to check out the new Harry Potter shop down the Shambles in York. The Shambles was JK Rowling’s inspiration for Diagon Alley, so this is long overdue! I bought a Slytherin badge, and Harriet got a Horcux keyring. I honesty could of spent more than I did, but after spending £107 on tickets a couple of hours beforehand, I thought I’d just keep spending to a minimum.

Yesterday (Thursday) was also a really nice day. I had a good day at work, followed by a chilled night with the best friend. We had some food, and listened to some music, before taking her pug Harold for a walk. Gotta love pugs! Great to get some fresh air too, and the sky looked so pretty! Best sunset I had seen in ages.

Today I finished the book I’ve been reading, and chilled out on my guitar. I love days like this. I’ve finally mastered  Let It Be, finally! Practice DOES make perfect. Also we’re still deciding where to go on holiday. We have come to the conclusion that we’re just not the type to lounge around a pool/beach all day, so instead of looking for Cyprus, Greece and places like that, we’re going to go somewhere like Budapest, or maybe even New York if there’s a cheap last minute deal!

Right now I’ve got to go get ready for a friend’s birthday night out. Hope I don’t feel too hungover in the morning!

Wishful thinking ~

A Very Lazy Weekend With My Guitar

Hey everyone (I can say that now that I’m actually building a following…)

So this weekend I’ve not really done anything interesting. I’ve not been out drinking *shock horror* as I had a really busy couple of weeks, so I’m saving my money for next weekend.  I’m also horribly spotty and hormonal too. Ugh! 😦

I have 3 day weekend’s every weekend, so after chilling out with Paul most of Friday, I then got picked up by my Mum to go to my Gran’s. This was awesome because just after I went to Barcelona, my Mum went to Lanzarote with her partner and my little baby bro! My god, I missed the kid so much. He didn’t seem much different, but his teeth are really growing now. I don’t want him to grow much more haha, he is so cute as he is!

On Saturday, I had another lazy day. I didn’t leave the house much, apart from going to the shop. I spent the rest of the evening reading a book and playing my guitar. The guitar playing is going pretty well. I have learnt enough chords to play a wide range of songs if I  want to teach myself them, but they wouldn’t sound great, as I am struggling to place all my fingers down on the fretboard at once when I am doing D minor, and also the G chord. Instead of going ahead of myself like I did before (I was trying to play every riff under the sun) I’ve decided to take it easy and stick to mastering one song at a time. I am concentrating on building my muscle memory up on the chords that I am struggling with, I want to do as much of a clean transition between chords thatI can. I am currently learning Let It Be by The Beatles. I can play the song, remembering all chords correctly, but as I said I am not happy with D minor and the G chord, so I am going to stick with this song and carry on doing my muscle memory exercise until it sounds absolutely perfect. I have had one major improvement due to changing my pick from a Tortex to a Jazz III. Them things are small, but mighty! My tone sounds SO much better thanks to that. Now, to get a better guitar. I love rock music, so I want to get an electric one when I can afford it.

Today,  I had another lazy day. (I’m not usually this lazy I SWEAR!) Haha.. It was nice though, as got to spend time with my Paul. We have been talking about going on holiday again =/ I think Barcelona has teased us into having some more sun. We need to go on a budget, as we’re off to Bali in 4 months. Greece is very cheap at the moment, so we’re tempted with going there. It’s a toss between Greece, Cyprus and Tenerife at the moment. I just hope work let me have the time off!

So that’s pretty much my weekend. Paul has Monday’s off, so we usually go out on a Monday. There’s no gigs of interest this week, so we’ll probably go out for a meal. I need to go collect some make up I’ve ordered from Boots tomorrow, and I’m gonna start a beauty blog. I figured that I would keep this as my diary and start a whole other blog. I mean, who wants to hear me ramble on about my guitar and music, when they want beauty reviews? Plus I like this the way it is, unstructured and messy. Much rather like myself as person. Haha!

So, that’s it for this weekend… I will be having a more interesting weekend next weekend. More interesting = usual antics of a twenty-something year old 😉

For now I’m listening to Tame Impala, and thinking how the hell are they even this good? I love the way their music can make you feel completely lost in it. Crazy

Come join me…



Barcelona is amazing!

If you read my blog, then you would know that it was my Birthday last week, and my other half flew me out to Barcelona.

WE HAD THE BEST TIME EVER! We was there for a few days, but we did so much! It was genuinely one of the best times of my life 😀

It’s such a beautiful place, and the vibe is amazing.

We checked in at our hotel, The Hotel Praktik Vinoteca when we arrived. I would recommend the hotel to anyone as not only was it a good price, it was immaculate. It’s a wine themed hotel (as you can tell by the name) so you get a free glass of wine when you get there. Nice! We arrived in the afternoon, so we explored La Rambla and the Gothic Quarter, and took it easy. I went to La Rambla as a kid, so it was great to revisit it. I was very excited to see that they had an NBA Cafe down there. I loved Basketball when I was younger, especially the Houston Rockets. I really enjoyed my burger too, so even though it was a little expensive, it was great fun to eat there. Afterwards we went to Casa Batllo, a house designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí. I would highly reccomened this, as it is pretty surreal how much detail is in this house, but it is very expensive too, so if you’re on budget then the outside looks just as good as the inside!

On the second day we went to Park Güell, which was disappointing as we didn’t realise that you had to pay to get into the main bit, and there wasn’t a time slot for hours, so we went for a little walk before getting the bus and changing plan. We had a look on our trusty tourist map, and chose to go to Montjuic, and ride a cable car to Montjuic Castle, much to the horror of my fella, who doesn’t like heights 😛 When we got to the top we had a lovely view over Barcelona. We then went for a couple of pints down La Rambla, before going for some food.

On the third day we went to Camp Nou, which is FC Barcelona’s ground. I did this as a kid with my Mum and Dad, so I already had very fond memories of the place. I was so young when I went, under 10, so I didn’t remember most of it, and obviously it has been updated since then… I think going back as an adult has made me appreciate the sheer size of the place, it’s an absolute beast! Even if you don’t like football, I’d make sure you visit, because it really is a great place.

The forth and final day = the best day, and possibly even one of the best days of my life…We visited the Sagrada Família, a large Catholic church designed by the Catalan architect I previously mentioned, Antoni Gaudí. I didn’t know too much about Gaudí before I came, but after visiting a couple of his work whilst in Barcelona, I now consider him to be an absolute genius.  I have never seen a building like it,  and even after 135 years in the making, it’s still not complete! If you see the building you’d understand the immense level of detail that is in this building. When it finishes in around 10 years, I hope to visit again to see the finished project!

Afterwards, we went to Parc de la Ciutadella, which we wasn’t going to do, but we saw in our guidebook that it looked really pretty. Wow, this place is amazing I wish we had a place like this at home, I’d spend so much time there! I loved the fact that nobody really gave a fuck what people thought, people were tightroping between the trees, juggling, jamming out on their guitars with not a care in the world. The best part was the Cascada Monumental, a beautiful fountain.

After we explored some more bits of Barcelona we hadn’t seen, we headed the our hotel to relax after a lot of walking. About 8.30pm, we headed back to the Montjuic area to view the amazing Magic Fountain! I actually saw this as a kid and I was mesmerised, so I couldn’t wait to experience this with the man I love 🙂  They were just as spectacular as I remember, and played some awesome music in the background, for example Wonderwall by Oasis, which were one of my all time favourite bands, due to my Dad being a massive fan whilst I was growing up!

What a perfect ending to a perfect holiday 🙂

I would recommend Barcelona to anyone, I’d say it’s my favourite european city I’ve visited so far.