My Life At The Moment

Hey people!  I figured that I’d write updates from time to time on what I’ve been up to. I’ve mostly been chilling out at home, and last weekend was my birthday so I had an action packed weekend. It was the first birthday I spent in my new home and waking up to my partner, and that alone was pretty magical to be honest! When I went downstairs I had the most beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for me! Bless him ❤ I had an awesome day with him and my family, then onto the town with my friends. I’m temporarily tee total for a while now though, I get far too drunk and always do/say things I regret :’) Plus the weathers getting nice now, so I think many trips to the coast are in order! This week I’ve been mostly preparing for our holiday by getting some new clothes and shoes etc, also I’ve been dieting frantically and I’ve stopped eating bread because it bloats me. I want to look my best  for my holiday snaps. We’re going to Malta, and it looks so pretty and picturesque! I’ve always wanted to go, and I didn’t realise that there would be so much to do on a tiny island. I’m really looking forward to going to the Blue Lagoon on surrounding Island Comino and relaxing. The water looks incredibly blue! I’ll be posting a blog about my time away, so watch this space. I haven’t done that much more if I’m honest, I’ve been doing some of my NVQ work. I just want to finish it now so I’ve got some clarity on what I want to do with my life. I work with children at the moment from ages 4-11, but I think my goal is to be a youth support worker and help teenagers. I guess I’ll keep plodding along until then. I’m really digging a bit of Blink 182 at the moment, their new song “Bored To Death” is constantly on repeat at the moment and it’s really rekindled my love for them. I went and bought the Greatest Hits album, and so I’m playing the old classics in the car on the way to work! I’ve just turned 23, so ‘What’s My Age Again?’ was my birthday jam sit includes lyrics “Nobody Likes You When You’re 23” I could’ve chose Jimmy Eat Worlds song ’23’, but I used to get really sad to the lyrics when I was going through a bad spell. Anyway, last year was ’22’ by Taylor Swift, so there’s a significant improvement there. Next up is 24, I don’t even want to think about it.. I feel life is passing me by, and I know I’m still young, but I really miss being a child, where everything simple and there’s no pressure, but that feels like a distant memory now. I guess this is growing up? 😉  Life is better than ever though, a few years ago I was at rock bottom and out of control, but I feel like I’m the old Amy now and that’s the main thing. I think that the key in life is having passion for things, I love my music and I go to a lot of concerts, if I’m feeling down I can just think of an upcoming concert or a CD that’s coming out.I love buying cd’s and reading the lyrics from the booklet whilst the song plays, and that’s why I’ll always buy physical copies, no download will top that feeling! I I’m really enjoying watching telly at the moment to be honest. I’m currently watching Game Of Thrones, 11.22.63, and The Jail: 60 Days In. All 3 are awesome in the own way and definitely deserve a watch, if you haven’t yet already! I’m also binging on Geordie Shore, I’ve been watching it for ages, but I’m watching them all from the beginning now. I am absolute trash sometimes when it comes to TV, and my Boyfriend willingly puts KUWTK on all by himself now, I swear it’s like a really bad habit that you can’t shake :’) I’m not doing much else really, the last few months have been pretty expensive due to moving house and booking the holiday! Until next time 😀 x